NOTE: Archived from Spring 2015. The Human-Centered Computing seminar is currenty CS 7932

CS 7940 — Human-Computer Interaction Seminar, Spring 2015

Thursdays, 2:30–3:30 PM, 3515 MEB (Graphics Annex)

Instructor: Tamara Denning


Week Date Topic(s)
1 1/5 Canceled
2 1/22 Bilge Mutlu | Human-Centered Principles and Methods for Designing Robotic Technologies
3 1/29 Elena Glassman - OverCode: Visualizing Variation in Student Solutions to Programming Problems at Scale
4 2/5 T Scott Saponas (Microsoft Research): Pocket Computing
5 2/12 Judd Antin (Facebook): UX and Big Data Met At a Bar
6 2/19 Neel Joshi (MSR): No more boring photos! -- Computational methods for creating and exploring "living" photographs
7 2/26 Tammy snowed in in DC, seminar canceled
8 3/5 Mary Czerwinski: The Future of Distributed Groups and their Use of Social Media
9 3/12 Ken Hinckley (MSR): The Fractured Frontier of Reading, Writing, and e-Creation
10 3/19 no meeting — University spring break
11 3/26 UbiComp 2104 Closing Keynote: Open Data Kit: Applications of Mobile Devices in the Developing World (Gaetano Borriello)
12 4/2 No Seminar
13 4/9 Gabriela Marcu (Drexel): Designing for collaborative reflection to improve coordination in health services
14 4/16 Susie-Lee (Siren): Make strangers less strange: Designing online dating for humans
15 4/23 No Seminar


(Page formatting cheerfully borrowed from CS 7934.) The spring 2015 offering of CS 7940 will have "guest lectures in absentia" — for at least the first part of the course, these talks will be drawn from the Design Use Build (DUB) group lunch seminar series at the University of Washington. These talks will cover a variety of topics in human-computer interaction.


Students may enroll for one (1) credit. Although the University lists the course as “variable credit,” the two- and three-credit options are not currently available.